Jews Choose Trump To Keep American Jews Great!

Jews Choose Trump To Keep American Jews Great!

Jews Choose Trump To Keep American Jews Great!Jews Choose Trump To Keep American Jews Great!Jews Choose Trump To Keep American Jews Great!
Jews Choose Trump welcomes members from eastern Pennsylvania.

Help us campaign today for President Donald J Trump for a better tomorrow! Reelect President Donald J Trump!

The Platform

Jews Choose President Donald J Trump

Why Jews Choose Trump


 - Withdrew from the cataclysmic Nuclear Iran Deal;

 - Immediately began reimposing sanctions on Iran that the Deal had lifted or  waived – and has continued to impose additional sanctions on Iran;   

- Officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital;    

- Moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem;    

- Ensured enforcement of the Taylor Force Act – so U.S. taxpayers’ dollars would not be used to pay terrorists to maim and murder Israelis;   

 - Officially recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the strategic Golan Heights;   

 - Closed the PLO office in Washington, D.C.;    

- Turned off the spigot of US dollars supporting the terror-enabler UNWRA;    

- Cut financial support to USAID for Palestinian Arab projects because the Palestinian Authority refused to be exposed to financial liability for terrorism under new US law;    

- Appointed the most pro-Israel US Ambassador to the United Nations in decades; While at the UN as the voice of the Trump administration, Nikki  Haley repeatedly and forcefully beat back at the anti-Israel efforts of the Islamist and other anti-Israel representatives at the UN, refusing to  countenance the Israel-bashing that appears to be the raison d’etre of the  global body;   

- Calls out and refuses to kowtow to members of Congress who support BDS.

SINCE 2016, Donald Trump has more than come through on his promises to us. And during this same time, the Democrats have become even less concerned about, even hostile towards, U.S. national security, Israel and even American Jews.

It is clear that any of the current contenders for the Democrat party’s nomination for president will roll back or in other ways  significantly dilute Trump’s signature achievements. All of President Trump’s  pro-Israel actions were taken by Executive Orders. They can easily be   reversed.

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Women For Trump with Diamond and Silk

Who Said Women Don't Support Trump?

There were over 1000 women at the Women for Trump kickoff rally in Valley Forge on July 16, 2019, who disagree:

- women who make up 56% of the 6,000,000 new jobs created since President Trump took office

- women who are 50% of the Trump campaign team

- women who are part of the 600,000 women who were lifted out of poverty by Trump policies

- women who are part of the 12.3 million women-owned businesses under Trump and who bring in $1.8 trillion dollars in revenue

- women who are part of the 1800 new businesses started every day

- women who appreciate the $26 billion in new drugs savings

- women who helped contribute to the $108 million Trump raised in the first campaign quarter

- women who were half of the 975,000 individuals who donated in the same quarter

- women who have become EMPOWERED!

- women will reelect President Donald J Trump!

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President Donald J Trump supporting Israel

Accomplishments: Promises Made, Promises Kept

President Donald J. Trump has far exceeded his promises to the American people in the areas of economic growth, immigration, foreign policy, judicial appointments, health care, the military and veterans, criminal justice reform and empowering women.  President Trump has earned our trust.  Giving our President the Jewish vote will be a vote to continue economic growth and security.   Click here for a list of President Trump's accomplishments.

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